PPC knowledge

FOR SOME REASON... a lot of new sellers think they can just throw money at amazon blindly and expect sales to start pouring in.-I see it time and time again, with people just running Auto campaigns and never touching them again. Some sellers think they can just setup a quick manual campaign on BROAD targeting using Helium10 Magnet or another software tool and expect to see massive results.

-The best method for setting up your optimized amazon campaigns (after spending $70k+ on amazon PPC) is this:

-START WITH AN AUTO CAMPAIGN-"But didn't you say not to do that?" NO- I said not to just run an auto campaign and forget about it...-Start out with a $10 budget per day running a keyword targeting auto campaign.- Let it run for AT LEAST 7 days before you touch it.-Then check the results. You will likely see an extremely high Average Cost of Sale (ACoS) and thats mainly due to 3 Key things:

1. TERRIBLE LISTING: (get better images, cleaner title, use emojis in bullet points and focus on the FEATURES and BENEFITS of the product. Write out a product description that is keyword rich (at least 1000 words). Use Helium 10 Scribbles to create your optimized listing.

2. NO [or bad] REVIEWS: There are 5 ways to get reviews. I'll list them in order of MOST EFFECTIVE to LEAST EFFECTIVE. 
* Early Reviewer Program 
* Amazon Vine 
* Jungle Scout Pro Chrome Extension Review Requests 
* Adding Review Request Cards in your packaging
* Email follow ups (not even worth doing)

3. AND FINALLY- Mismanaged PPC CampaignsThis is a whole book of a topic... but let me try to keep it short and give you the highlights:-* DOWNLOAD YOUR ADVERTISING REPORTS. You can do this by going to the Advertising tab on amazon and downloading the excel spreadsheet. If you're excel savy you can filter by ACoS, see what's converting (to increase bid) and what's not converting (decrease bid or negative exact target)
-* once you see the data from the excel reports.

THEN create a manual BROAD campaign. This will allow you to see exactly what is working well from your excel reports in order to put them in a new campaign. This way you can weed out the losers and feed the winners (winners and losers being keywords).
-* After a few weeks of running your AUTO and BROAD keyword targeting campaigns

Create an EXACT campaign. Never add more than 250 keywords per ad set (a trick I learned from PPC Ed from Sellics during the Brand Accelerator Live conference that was put on by Scott Voelker.
-* The Exact campaign is where you can fine tune your cross hairs and adjust bids very precisely.
-* My simple formula for adjusting bids is this: for 30% or lower ACoS keywords, INCREASE the bid by 5-10%.

For higher than 30% ACoS keywords - DECREASE the bid by 5-10%.
-its very simple in the end:* Gather Data by running an Auto campaign
* create a broad and exact match type campaign
* CUT loses 
* FEED your winners

Now go out there and make Leonardo Dicaprio proud.-PS The admins keep taking down my posts after 30 minutes for some stupid reason so read fast or save this post for later...